Color Guard

Hello Everyone!

This is just a general message to all parents and people working with the AHS Color Guard so we’re all on the same page. For starters, I recently moved from a tech position to a Co-Director position at Akins high school so I’ll be working with bothschools however Austin will ALWAYS be my 1st priority. Since I have another person with me doing the logistical stuff there, I’ll basically be able to put the same amount of time commitment as I had been. So don’t worry that I might be too stretched orthat I would ever miss an Austin event to be with Akins. Me doing this is going to not only build a really strong AISD bond, but also give opportunity for joint fundraising events and shared resources. Going along with that, The first time we’ll be together asa full guard (Minus the people on vacations) will be the Pre-Guard Camp on June 4-7 from 8am-12 at Akins High School. I’ve attached a list of things the girls will need for marching rehearsals. If you’re new to the world of Texas marching band, it’s a brutal place. Hot and unforgiving, the Texas heat can be immense, and with the level that we’re trying to be at next year they’re going to have some long days ahead. Make sure your kids are drinking water like it’s going out of business. I like that at AHS the parents run a really good water station during rehearsals but you have to drink water throughout the day to truly hydrate your body. Next important subject would be sunscreen, preferably something good for your skin and applied before rehearsal.

For this season there are a few things that I have in mind that require minimal sewing experience (Which I don’t have) so if any parents are willing to help me with a few sewing projects I would be forever grateful.

As of now we have 20 in the guard, which is right where I want to be. We’ll probably pick up a few along the way as we did last season. I have really high expectations for the guard this year based on our auditions, and more parent involvement can only mean more progress for us. This year’s show is something that I’m very excited about, it’s called Masterpiece. A beautiful, classical Russian interpretation of a game of Chess. Brass is dark and intense; the black side. Equally matched, the woodwinds are bright and

pristine; the white side. Likewise the guard will be split into two sides with two different costumes and hair styles. The pre-show will take us through setting up the board leading into the opener as the game begins. The ballad will take us to a ballad that is intense, full of beauty and sorrow as the queens from each side face in the middle of a raised platform on the 50. The closer is where the winner is finally decided in a constant back and forth between the two sides. As for other props, we will have sideline tarps and 16 moving screens on the field so again, we could never have too much help from parents.

I’m super excited for this season and I hope you all are too! Feel free to email me or text me at 5125060721 if you have any questions or concerns (Or know how to sew)

Best Wishes, Brock Gayaut